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This is the media library of messages that have been preached at Independent Baptist Church. We pray that these will be a blessing to all who listen. We encourage all to come and visit the church when it is possible.

Title Author Date Duration
Audio What is in your Hand Bro Aguiar Jan 19, 2018 00:53:55 Dialup Download
Audio Someone needs to Blow a Trumpet Bro Aguiar Jan 18, 2018 00:47:43 Dialup Download
Audio The God of the Second Chance Bro Aguiar Jan 17, 2018 00:51:46 Dialup Download
Audio Stones that can get us to remember Bro Aguiar Jan 16, 2018 00:50:13 Dialup Download
Audio Is there any Hope for Baby Ichabod Bro Aguiar Jan 15, 2018 00:52:09 Dialup Download
Audio I was as one that stood on the other side Evangelist Dale Aguiar Jan 14, 2018 00:39:46 Dialup Download
Audio When God Measures the Church Bro Aguiar Jan 14, 2018 00:40:21 Dialup Download
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